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2022 Enrolments Are Open

🖍🎨Enrolments for 2022 are OPEN!🎨🖍
📚 We offer many outstanding services! 📚

Our aim is to provide excellent and affordable education. The extensive curriculum is continually researched and changed to encapsulate and embrace the multicultural communities we function in. We have a holistic approach to child development and our aim is to raise the benchmark by which early childhood education is measured to ensure well educated future generations.

☎️ Contact us today for any enrolment information.
😃 Smiley Kids is a well recognised, trustworthy and reliable brand within the ECD sector, and has been for the past 26 years.
🎨 We offer a safe and stress-free environment.

📝 Enrol your child today at the best pre-school in South Africa.

Raising the pre-school benchmark!

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