Roald Dahl Day!

📚Reading is a powerful, fulfilling, and rewarding activity. Not only does a book act as a comfort and a friend, it also acts as a teacher and can teach children all about themselves, their world, and the cultures within it. Reading with children has numerous benefits and is something all parents and teachers should encourage.📚Continue reading “Roald Dahl Day!”

Chores And Toddlers

There are a lot of benefits to adding small and easy chores into your child’s routine. Here are just a few: 🔺Learning time management skills🔺Developing organizational skills🔺Accepting responsibility in the family🔺Building self-esteem🔺Learning to balance work and play from a young age🔺Setting a good foundation for functioning independently Here’s one for the girls 👧We’ll post oneContinue reading “Chores And Toddlers”

Understanding Your Baby’s Development

Understanding Your Baby’s Development It can sometimes be daunting to think about your baby’s developmental milestones. How do you know that things are going well? How can you encourage your baby’s development, and how will you know if they need extra support? Try not to compare your baby with other babies: It’s important to rememberContinue reading “Understanding Your Baby’s Development”

Moral Values

Moral values guide our children towards healthy development of positive relationships. Here are 10 moral values that you can teach your child.

The Importance Of Moral Values In Children

Moral values are important in whatever stage of life. But most of the values we have as adults were instilled in us during our childhood years. That’s why it’s essential that we teach our children the values that we want them to have as adults. These eight reasons outline the importance of moral values inContinue reading “The Importance Of Moral Values In Children”

Nelson Mandela Day

Did you know: Nelson Mandela drew his inspiration from a poem. While he was in prison, Nelson Mandela would read William Ernest Henley’s “Invictus” to fellow prisoners. The poem, about never giving up, resonated with Mandela for its lines “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” 🇿🇦Happy NelsonContinue reading “Nelson Mandela Day”

International Music Day

🎶 It’s International Music Day 🎶 What is your child’s favourite type of music? Let us know in the comments! 🎹🥁🎷🎻🎸

Requests vs Instructions

Requests VS Instructions ParentingSkills

Ascension Day

We hope and trust that wherever you are, you can feel the festivity and joy as we celebrate this day of Ascension when Jesus returned to His Father. Jesus went away but He never left. He is still there, taking care of us, protecting us and showering His love on us.Have a blessed Ascension DayContinue reading “Ascension Day”

How to teach a kid to read

How to teach your children to read

Reading Made Easier

Reading Head Start For Kids

How To Be A Positive Parent

Make the Journey of Parenting Easier

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