Eart Day

🌍🌳🌱 HAPPY EARTH DAY 🌱🌳🌍 Here are 10 ways you can help Earth: 💡 Turn off the lights.🗑 Clean up trash.🌲 Plant a tree.☀️ Use the sun’s energy.👣 Walk more, ride less.💧 Conserve water.♻️ Recycle.🧋Reuse water bottle.🐛 Be nice to worms.📱 Unplug electronics. SmileyKids #EarthDay #Preschool #EarlyLearning #MotherNature #SouthAfrica #Toddlers #havingfun #CelebrateEarthDay

Toddlers and vitamins

Children need the same nutrients as adults — but usually require smaller amounts. As children grow, it’s vital for them to get adequate amounts of nutrients that help build strong bones, such as calcium and vitamin D. Moreover, iron, zinc, iodine, choline, and vitamins A, B6 (folate), B12, and D are crucial for brain developmentContinue reading “Toddlers and vitamins”

Dentist Day

Today we celebrate Dentist Day! 🦷 It’s about more than just teeth: Teaching children about good oral hygiene is vital to keeping them healthy. It reminds us to floss too, and we can teach our children to floss, thereby instilling a good habit early in life. Make brushing and flossing a regular part of dailyContinue reading “Dentist Day”

Vitamin D

Interesting facts about Vitamin D: Children need Vitamin D for bone growth and development. So do babies developing in the womb. Vitamin D also helps us absorb calcium. Make sure you and your little one get some rays of sunshine today ☀️ SmileyKids #SouthAfrica #EarlyEducation #Preschool #Enrol #Parents #BackToSchool #Toddlers #Children #GiftOfEducation #LockdownSA #CoronaVirusSA #CovidSAContinue reading “Vitamin D”

Smiley Babes

Parents can rest assured that your little one will always be in safe hands at Smiley Kids ❤ ✅ Please remember that we are #CovidSA compliant and that we create a safe and stress-free environment! SmileyKids #Preschool #SouthAfrica #FunAtSchool #SmileyBabes

Have some fun this holiday!🏖🪀🪁🎨🖼🧩Raising the pre-school benchmark!SmileyKids #Preschool #EarlyChildhoodDevelopment #SouthAfrica #EnrolNow #Enrol2021 #Toddlers #Babies #Covid19SA #CoronaVirusSA

Barrier Cream

💡 A great tip for parents: Replenish lost moisture on skin using barrier cream 🧴 😃 Smiley Kids is a well recognised, trustworthy and reliable brand within the ECD sector, and has been for the past 25 years.🎨 We are Covid-19 compliant and we offer a safe and stress-free environment. Enrol your child today atContinue reading “Barrier Cream”

Tea tree oil tip

Mommies, here is something valuable to keep and to share. Tea tree oil has many benefits, and one of them is to soothe sunburnt skin 🌱 learningthroughplay #smileykids #raisingthepreschoolbenchmark SouthAfrica #PreSchool #tipoftheweek

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