Smiley Babes

Smiley Babes THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR YOUR BABY 🍼 🍼 Did you know: The Smiley Kids Baby stimulation was developed in 2002 in cooperation with an occupational therapist. The main focus points are brain stimulation and development through daily exercises and baby massaging.Smiley Kids pride ourselves in the quality of our stimulation program. All SmileyContinue reading “Smiley Babes”

Our Services – Toddlers

🎨 Our Services 🎨LEARNING THROUGH PLAY forms the basis of our programme.By following our daily programme we ensure that each child develops holistically. Assessment system:Our continuous assessment system enables a teacher to see if there are any gaps and where the child needs more stimulation to achieve the set outcomes. Quality Assurance Management:Annual Audits formContinue reading “Our Services – Toddlers”

Mom’s Emergency Car Kit

🚨 Mom’s Emergency Car Kit 🚨 A rescue bag that stays in the car will make your life much easier. You can tailor this bag to your specific needs, but these are a few items we think you should add to your “mom’s emergency car kit”! 👕ClothesYou never know when there will be an accident,Continue reading “Mom’s Emergency Car Kit”

Babies & Pacifiers

Although it may seem like a harmless habit, pacifiers can cause a litany of health concerns in children, from malformed soft palates to tooth troubles later on. They can be a beneficial alternative to thumb sucking, but between the two, the ideal may be to introduce neither to your child if possible. Pacifiers offer temporary comfort toContinue reading “Babies & Pacifiers”

How to teach a kid to read

How to teach your children to read

Reading Made Easier

Reading Head Start For Kids

How To Be A Positive Parent

Make the Journey of Parenting Easier

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Here is a tree rooted in African soil. Come and sit under its shade.

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